Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My new best friend.

You know what?
I'm sick of all the bitching and karate-ing that happens when best friends fight.
Everyone is so self obsessed that they don't listen to what everyone else has to say.

So, because of this...


1) listens to me alot
2) isn't self obsessed
3) loves me
4) is cute
5) fits nicely into the palm of my hand.

If you happened to catch me at school today with an orange and white puffball in my hand, you may know who I'm talking about...


Carrot! The Hamtaro.

Hear that? Her name is NOT HAMTARO, it's Carrot.
She is a Hamtaro but her name is CARROT.

She is so cute and I love her so much.
Me and my best friend number 2 made it together but it's mine too keep.

Thank you best friend number 2!

See! I kept your privacy!

Anyway, me and Carrot are gonna have lots of good times together and we'll go everywhere together...
Except the bathroom. I wouldn't want to get her wet...

Memories of our first day spent together...


Anyway enough about my new best bud.
Lemme tell you how I almost got poisoned.

Okay, Christine was walking around with her new buddie, when she got bored and decided to raid the fridge. She spotted some nice looking blueberries...

"Mmmm... Blueberries..." thought the innocent girl.

But little did she know, that these blueberries are from Chile...

Because she was too dumb to read the cover!!!!.

You may be wondering...
"So what if it's from Chile? Doesn't chilli come from there?"

Firstly, know it doesn't la! Who told you that??? Malaysia so famous for spices what for we import??? Tell me!

And actually there is nothing particularly wrong with products from Chile it's just that this batch was all rotten and mushy and some hidden underneath had fungus growing on it.

my tongue still burns from eating them!
Or maybe that's cause I ate hot Maggee mee for lunch...

That just goes to show, never buy blueberries from Chile at rm5.99 at Giant.
The cheap price is a trick!!!

Anyway to cleanse my mouth from the taste,
I downed a nice refreshing glass of...

Pomegranate and Mangosteen,
no sugar added,
mixed fruit drink.

High in Vitamin C!

Did you know pomegranate is good for diabetes and atherosclerosis???
It's true! I read that with my own eyes in the newspaper long ago!

Speaking of reading, that reminds me...

Cheryl I have 70 more pages of Inkheart to go!!!!
yet so far....


-end of another totally useless post-