Friday, January 23, 2009


I have no idea why but recently, I just hate my blog.
Stupid crappy thing cause me so much problems.

Well you know what?
I think from now on, I'll just start reading books instead!
Or maybe I'll just stick to being the DooDooDuet with Cheryl. Triple D for short.

Yea stupid blogging is so mafan and when you don't update people complain, when you type a ranting post like this, it pisses people off. People including myself.

I claim i hate people who blog by ranting but look at me!
Hypocritical as I am, I'm doing the exact same thing!

What? Why so garang Christine?


Another thing that annoys me is that I was wearing this really nice hairband for like... a week or two? And just suddenly this prefect tells me I'm not allowed to wear it.
And she tells me she will rampas it if I don't take it off.
How come even Puan Lee doesn't scold me for wearing this shit and you do??? >:(


Oh dear, what's wrong with me?