Friday, January 30, 2009


i'm not late theres still 9 more days till the season is over.

And 1 day before Chinese New Year, I got a new floor mat for my house's entrance with my favourite cartoon character on it.


OK now that's it's finally CNY, every woman must be prepared for anything in the most fashionable way possible.

Which is why my mother bought a new, purrty, white Valentino bag to stuff all the angpaus she's giving out, her make up, her handphone, and all your basic CNY needs. :D

Wow wow!

See, it really is authentic.

Mummy, why don't want buy one for me too? T.T

I have a bag too.
Though it's not branded, it's really practical!


It's compact, easy to carry, has many compartments for all your crap and...
well, it is to me!

Speaking of cute, let me show you my new cute cute CNY new clothes! XP

This one's my favourite cause off the pretty bow! :DDDDD

yes, I love anything with bows, especially shoes!

Number Too.
(Oops! Sorry, you need to tilt your head...)

I like ribbons too :)

Number Tiga.
(for those of you who don't know Malay, that means three.)

And last, but not least...
My fourth new shirt! :)
I'm hoping Yau will gush at all the colours. :D

If you noticed I'm wearing PJ pants.
Well, that's cause I anticipated an intense twister game with my cousins.

And after 2 hours of playing, me and my equally matched opponent had to call it even because we wanted to play firecrackers.

Check out the sparkles.

She's high.

He's doing the sampat face.

So then my brother came and asked them to spell something.

How about the word "gol"?

Hey! Not bad! Not bad at all.

Then we played more types of sparkles.

That's one mean bottle of beer.

And also, the big loud boomy type.


Not everyone enjoyed the sparkly-ness though.

For example, the little kids who are either afraid of fire or can't stand loud noises.
(Us idiots screaming la!!!)

Others happened to step on a somewhat lighted firecracker and burned their toe.

HAHAHAHAHAHA Awh, poor thing.

That looks so much better!

So when you're not in the mood for firecrackers, what do people do when they're bored during CNY?

I bet you're all thinking...

"Duh!!! What else? Gamble lor!!"

Well you're wrong!

Okay you're not wrong, alot of them did gamble, but since I have the gambling luck of a... a... a really unlucky thing! I avoided this game so as to not lose all my precious angpau money. :D

Instead I entertained myself with fun, family friendly things.

Like board games!

And play-doh!

Hehehe... Worm!

And also taking pictures of people when they're doing dumb things.

Such as laughing evil-ly to themselves.

And mess up peoples rooms with polly pocket toys, masak-masak toys, and the likes.

That's only a quarter of the mess.

In addition to that, we must stalk play with babies.

Like Momo Chong Kyle.

And the few month old Zhou Zhian.

And of course my all time favourite baby...

Charmaine! My ball of cuteness!
In my next post, I shall show you all my stalker pictures of her.

And lastly but not leastly, we can camwhore with mabuk people! :D

The red girl on the right has drunk 2 full glasses of whisky.
40% of alcohol!!!

This one no alcohol already mabuk la.

And throughout this whole post, I still haven't mention anything about food!

But the food was great! Right, Jojo?


For one lunch, my uncle from Japan even made a traditional Japanese meal for us.
What? It's Chinese New Year la! Not Japanese New Year!

That picture was only taken after we finished the meal. These are leftovers which I tapao-ed.

It consisted of soba, sushi and... cheese on crackers...?
Strange, but GOOD!!!

The rest of my meals were so-so with the occasional very good chicken curry or fried chicken.

and to all a goodnight...

My next post will be about my stalk-ed.