Friday, January 2, 2009

HAPPY 2009!

I know I'm 2 days late, but for your information, I said Happy 2009! and it's still the year 2009! HA!

Hey, sunshines!
It's a new year!
Aren't we all happy to be going back to school and seeing friends again?


Anywho, what better way to celebrate a new year, than to have a new years party!


introducing our lead organizer,


Nice, nice.

Now, some sakai pictures where we "prepare" the party.

left to right: Jason, psycho.

Psycho again.

You can't beat my taking-pictures-of-people-when-they-look-like-sakais skill!!!

My darling, Charmaine :)

Again! :D

"Uh oh! It's raining!"

Oh no!!!

The yummy food we got to munch on:

Chicken Caesar Salad - made by yours truly, Christine.
Fried Bee Hoon - made by Daniel
Mash potato (BLARDY NICE THIS DISH) - made by Cui Yi
Spaggheti Bolognaise and Fruit Punch - made by the Limmies xD
Baked Chicken - made by Shyn Yi
Fried vegetable - made by Jason
Longan Jelly - made by Jasmine
Watermelon - cut by Desmond :)

All made without the help of adults! Yay us! xD

Now, did I mention just one itty bitty detail to our party?

Kids must wear costumes!

>:D wahahahaahaha.
yes it was my idea!

I'm a beautiful fairy :D

From left: Jasmine, Charmaine, Fairy Angel :)

And I fly! ^^

I know my face looks like bull shit, but this is the nicest shot I have without my belly being exposed >.<

And my charmaine's costume is a...


Or a wizard thang.

Or a Samurai.

Or just a cute, helpful baby :)

I love her so much xD

Now let's explore this party scene.


A Retired Tennis Player...

that knows how to pose! :D

And then, i found

A Tough Biker Chic...

who is not afraid to enjoy watermelons.

Don't worry, I love watermelons too. ^^

Kimberly, the ninja.

Soon, her outfit will change.

My 3 cuzie buddies :)

From left: Lala Gothic Lolita(apparently), vampire with leprosy, ninja. :)

Even ninjas have their unglam moments.

Enjoying some nyummies.

From left: Biker Chic, Piggie, Retired Tennis Player.

The cam-hogging ninja.

We know you love posing, ninja!

A school gangster.

Real realistic, don't you think? O.o

This one claims she's dressed as a princess. O.o

It's buddy!
Look at her hands!

Note to people who are dressing as vampires: Don't wash your hands, apply powder evenly and don't touch yourself. ;)
Unless of course you want to look like you have leprosy.

And now everything the girl touches becomes white.
Take for example, Kimberly.

You don't have to get it.

The Gothic Lolita.

And a guitar.

For those who are not familiar with what a Gothic Lolita is...

That's a REAL Gothic Lolita.
My friend here is a very minor version.
Or we could just say she dressed up as a Lala girl.

Now let's see what this ninja is up to...

Ninja attacks a Gothic Lolita.

Ninja hides.

Ninja attacks more "innocent" people.

The Gothic Lolita gets her revenge.

And now for a group picture with all those in costumes!

Clockwise from bottom left: School gangster, wushu master, wizard, retired tennis player, gothic lolita, Agent 2009, Biker Chic, Vampire, Pig, Ninja, Fairy, Cute kid with a hat, Samurai.

What? So little people?

And those without a costume, get PENALTY!

What that's a penalty? So nice wan!

"Why me?"

Cause you didn't wear a costume, that's why! :D

Anyway, after like damn late, our face painter arrives.

E-chien the clown.

And everyone gets a costume update!

Biker Chic, is now...

Biker Dude!

She gets a double makeover!

Wushu Master, now looks a hell lot cooler!

The piggie gets a...

em... er... a snout?
if you could call it that.

The vampire gets some blood on her face.

To make up for her lack of fangs.

Agent 2009 gets a better disguise.

The ninja becomes a Naruto.

And I, the lovely fairy, get...

Nothing. I just want another picture. :D

Dark and light.

I did not edit this picture at all.
For some reason, Jojo has a darkness around her. xD

Now 3 buddies. :D

Closed or open, no diff my eyes. Both ways still sepet.

Me and my bro hogging the staircase.

But enough with the costumes already, entertainment for the night is...


"What the hell? Siao ar?"
"You want them to die?"

NO! I'm talking about boxing on

Cheh... like that only...

Simone VS Dorothy(my mummy dearest)

Duh obviously my mum win.

Yok VS Tony

Daddy VS Keong

Mummy VS Tony

The little supporters/spectators.

This little thing is overjoyed when her dad won 1 match.

Don't get too excited yet, little girl, there's plenty more to come.

But after bazillions of matches, we finally have a champion...

Give it up for, Kuan Choy Siang!

Even with minor heart problems and history of diabetes, she emerges victorious!
That just goes to show, you can do anything if you just believe in yourself. :)
Right, kids?

Anyway, later on, we did a sketch (as in abit of acting).

And we all acted as our costume thingies.
At first it was damn cool idea but then too many people joined and it became gay.
I'm gonna tell you the original story anyway :D
Skip it if it's too boring, this is for my OWN enjoyment.

WARNING: This story may be too random for people with weak hearts.

Once upon a time, there was a hungry vampire. So hungry, in fact, that she would be satisfied, even with the blood of animals. Suddenly, comes a little piggie. The vampire, seeing the piggie, is overjoyed, and prepares to attack when suddenly, a ninja pops out of nowhere and eats the piggie first.

Then the vampire lunges at the ninja, but the ninja is too fast for the vampire and so the
ninja gave a deathly blow to the vampire. Happy with herself, the ninja gives a maniacal evil laugh.

Then, out pops a gothic lolita who notices the ninja and says,"What's a scuba diver doing in the middle of the forest?".
Ninja replies furiously," I not scuba diver! I be NINJA!".
"Then why are you dressed like that?"
"This is what ninja's look like!!!"
"But your clothes are so tight..."
"Whatever... Scuba Diver..."

Then suddenly, they notice something shiny in the corner. It's a white fairy holding her wand across her neck. The ninja asks nicely, "What are you doing, fairy?"
The fairy, teary-eyed and emotionally responds,
"I'm saying goodbye to the world. I can't stand it anymore. Look at me, I'm supposed to be a white fairy, but my skin... MY SKIN IS BROWN! And take a look at my wings they're so... SO... SAGGY! So, this is it. GOODBYE!"
The fairy kills herself with her wand.

The Gothic Lolita then picks up the fairy's wand and examines it. Then kills the ninja with it. Then she grins to herself. When suddenly, out of nowhere, a biker runs over the Gothic Lolita and speeds ahead.

So it seems that all the characters have died. But then, the vampires eyes open and she stands up and says, "I'm back! BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHA".
Then the biker comes back with a bazooka and kills her.


Great story, no?

As for the countdown, of course we all damn semangat-ed and afterwards, we decided to all can can while singing Jason Mraz's I'm Yours. ^^

The horrible proof.

Okay that's all for today peeps!
Go home and cry wishing your life is as cool as mine.