Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Hanukkah Saturday!

Most of the things I'm going to post about are jokes by the way. Don't take me seriously.

Hello readers! After 2 very boring posts with NO PICTURES (dun dun dun!)
I'm back with a long one with loads of colours!

*Claps Hands*


Yesterday when I came back from school and took off my hair band(which was banned by a prefect but I didn't care) I looked at my hair and thought...

"Hey! My hair looks pretty cool today!"

I know you're all thinking...
"Doesn't it always look cool?"

Well, yes but today it was cooler! :D
To me only la..

And since it has been AGES since I camwhored...
I took pictures! XP


Ignore the eyebags.

Yay! I take better pictures of myself than Cheryl!
Doesn't everybody???

the other day
(by that I mean like 2 weeks ago if I'm not mistaken)

My parents went to Melaka or something the whole day and were only to be back very late at night...

So guess who prepared dinner?


All by myself!
*Claps hands!*

Wanna see it?

Yes I know it's pathetic but at least it's something right?
And I am happy to announce that none of us who consumed the meal got diaorrhea, constipation, or haemorrhage the next day!

I baked a chicken, boiled some vegetables, and cut some fruits then washed everything up all by myself because my brother had a cut on his finger...

Saya sangat pandai!!!!

Now let's see some chunted photography by my cousins Shyn Yi's boyfriend...
err... Feng Chern? Is it? Ah screw it we'll call him Prince Hairy as my dad does!

From left: Cui Yi, Josephine, Me, Brother, Kelly, Kimberly.

I think I look the least retarded among the back-up dancers because my face is blocked. ^^

Now anyway, as you all surely know by now, Chinese New Year is just around the corner!

But first...
More preparations.


I made angpau fishes!

The OUTSIDE decorations.

The weird-lantern-thingy-my-mum-bought on the INSIDE.

Pineapples... Mm...

and my very own home made...


It says "Chun" which does NOT mean pro.
It means Spring! aka CNY season.
Yay I know some Chinese!


First to clean out old food.

Recognize these?

Condensation on a "cupcake"

Look really close.

"Are these even still edible?"

Christine says, "Sure they are!"

"Why don't you eat them first so I know that you didn't poison them?"

"What... But I'm fat... :(("

Daniel tries them anyway.


"Try some, Christine."

Christine takes a bite.

"Mm... Good!"

Daniel adjourns.

Then she spits it out.

Did those cupcakes always taste so horrible??

So once those were thrown away, we get to clean grapes!

"You sound excited. Isn't that a freaking tedious and gay job?"

Maybe to you, but not for me because...

I have an Okamizu Ozonizer!
It releases O3(Ozone) which kills all bacteria that could be living in your fruits and vegetables. It even works to clean meats like chicken!

Gosh I should be an advertiser.

Anyway we also peeled garlic and onions to make it easier for my daddy to cook when he has his bazillion open houses.


Waaaa! So many!


Also so many!

But the work was divided equally.
And since i finished, I manage to take some pictures of my brother doing his tugas slowly...



Check out my new apron!

Look! Cows in honour of the animal of the year :)

My new clothes?
A suprise only to be seen when I first wear them. :)

And now I'm gonna show you my "pro" picture taking... No! Photography Skills!
These are some lovely things in my garden.
Enjoy! ~

If you actually waited for all those pictures to load, I applaud you.
You deserve a flower! :)

Speaking of flowers, who wants to be my Valentine?
I'm considering Yau but I'm afraid she won't say yes...

better ask her before she's taken xP


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