Saturday, March 28, 2009

Not for the weak stomachs...

You know what insect I hate?


If there is a more annoying, ugly insect that loves to meet me I'll eat my socks.

Did I tell you bout the time that one crawled up my leg?

And did I tell you about the time it happened again??????!!!!!!


On to a more interesting and less disgusting thing,

Mating Snails!

So cute right!
My mum took this picture I think.

Look at the little white sticky thingy coming out!
This is nature in action!

And now, a freakishly disgusting thing if you see it in real life.
Or rather my picture sucks because I didn't want to stay there too long taking a picture 'cause it's so gross!

You see, every year when my family goes to Batu Pahat, Johor for CengBeng, we stay at the best hotel this small town has to offer.

The Katrina Hotel.
Rated 4 St*rs

Still the condition is deteriorating over the years(we've been going there since I was born) and even the roof leaks at certain parts now.

So this should be no surprise.

If your a total blindshit, lemme tell you what it is.

It's a giant mutant spider surrounded with mini mutant spiders.
(okay, they weren't MUTANT)

I found them while playing with my baby cousin on the staircase...

Gross right?

But anywho, we'll keep coming back to this hotel filled with so many memories.
Do we have a choice?

And anyway, there's always the very-much-loved spazz Spazzo restaurant which me and my cousins only just realized after 14 years for me how it really does look like Spazz! :D
(as in spastic person if you're not fluent in urban word evolution)

Ah... I remember all the good times.

Teaching my little cousin to say my name...
Eating like a glutton...
Running around till we fall flat on our faces...

Good times, good times. :)

And that's all the random jibberish I have for now! Tata!